Center for Clinical Genetics
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Clinical Studies for Genetic and Rare Diseases

Ongoing Clinical and Basic Research Studies Conducted by our Faculties and Collaborators


Study Title Principal investigator
PRO16070068 Genomic approaches to Structural Birth Defects Rajkovic
PRO16080469 Association studies of premature ovarian failure using sequence data Rajkovic
PRO16080419 Neurogenetics Patient Registry Soundara


PRO07010065 Aortic Valve Operative Outcomes in Marfans Patients Gleason
PRO15100316 Isolating cells of placental or fetal origin from maternal source Rajkovic
PRO15030120 NAFTNet Prenatal Diagnosis of Aqueductal Stenosis Emery
PRO15030098 Coordinating Center for NAFTNet Prenatal diagnosis of aqueductal stenosis Emery
PRO15030162 Gene expression in the first-trimester placenta Rajkovic
PRO15030233 The Clinical Significance of the X and Y chromosome mosaicism Yatsenko, S
PRO07090033 Biological Analysis of Fetal Nucleic Acids in Maternal Plasma Peters
PRO10030036 Genetic Basis of Male Infertility Yatsenko, A
PRO13060436 The Clinical Utility of Microarray analysis in Testing of Infants with Multiple Congenital Anomalies Yatsenko, S
PRO13020490 Reproductive defects in males Yatsenko, A
PRO12020291 Molecular markers of human spermatogenesis in testicular biopsies Yatsenko, A
PRO09080427 Genetic Basis of Female Fertility and Premature Ovarian Failure Rajkovic
PRO16060611 Cytogenomics of Cardiovascular Malformations Lo
PRO16010303 Utility of microarray analysis in clinical diagnosis of plasma cell neoplasms Yatsenko, S
PRO12050137 Defining the genetic profile and gonadal potential for disorders of sexual development (International Study) Schneck
PRO14010637 Prospective Medical Record Review: Defining the genetic profile and gonadal potential for disorders of sexual development Schneck